Technical translation

Main fields of expertise

Technical fields

  • Engineering and heavy machineries (esp. transmissions, injection molding machinery and extruders, pneumatics…)
  • Automation technology and electronics
  • Tools in general, esp. electrical and machine tools
  • Automotive engineering, agricultural machinery and heavy equipment (trucks, cranes, railway…)
  • Telecommunications
    Textual genres: user manuals, specifications, service and maintenance documentation, software, training resources…


  • Logistics
  • Compliance and human resources management
  • Marketing and eCommerce
    Textual genres: internal codes and regulations, corporative communication, advertising, web presence…


  • Website localization
  • Health care and chemical products
  • Lab equipment
  • Renewable energies (esp. solar)
  • Commercial law, esp. contracts, general terms and conditions, license agreements
  • Literary translation (see section “Literary translation“)